Howdy, this website was created by Eric Froehlich a coastal pilot living 0.9 miles away from Marina State Beach within the Monterey Bay of the Central Coastal of California just 2hrs south of San Francisco.

This website is meant to be an informative resource for pilots both new and old to coastal ridge soaring with hang gliders. There is a ridiculous number of untapped flying coastal sites. However for the time being most of what you will be reading on this website are the lessons that I have learned from the few nearby coastal flying sites that are accessible and near to my own home. 

The initial goal of this site was to create a group blog but my fellow flying buddies whom I enlisted to share their thoughts on the topic were not terribly motivated (they preferred sharing their experiences via email and/or the Yahoo Group - Monterey Bay Hang Gliding Association). Nothing wrong with that. Though the seed didn't take root with them it is my hope that someday I will have addtional pilots sharing their own stories and tricks.

Another early growing pain for this website was the fact that this site got hacked by spammers utilizing the K2 comment system that is built into the backend and they did so to promote other websites by pointing to them within the comments. My own motivations to work on the websites was stimied for quite along time because of this since I wasn't privy of a quick process to delete all the comments. Finally I rebuilt the entire website hoping to fully purge the robot generated spam and start with a celan slate. However the new site once again became prey to those scummy spammers whom I supposed have identified that any Joomla website built using  the template by JoomlaXTC was subceptible to their spam robots, Thankfully today I beleive I have purged the site of all their spam and means of accessing the site and will now be free to attend to apply my energies to what's important and of value to all of you my fellow Dune Gonners.